Wireless Bell System

Wireless Bell System

Our wireless bell controller is perfect for controlling physical bells or buzzers. Wireless bells are easy to use and maintenance free.

If you have existing bells in your school or facility the wireless solution is perfect to provide you with an accurate synchronized system.

You can replace an old master network with our wireless controller. The wireless controller receives its time wirelessly from a transmitter and your bell schedule resides inside the controller.

It does not matter if you have existing school bells or need new ones. If you need them to ring at a scheduled time day in and day out this system is perfect for you.

This school bell system is simple to install and does not require any manual intervention. Everything happens automatically. We go through the complete installation and will answer all your questions. We have this system installed in facilities across the USA.

The transmitter does not require any programming. It only needs standard AC power. Once powered is applied the transmitter will pull GPS accurate time and start broadcasting that time.

Your bell controller is tuned to the transmitter’s frequency. Your schedule is entered on scheduling software and downloaded to a provided SD card which is placed within the device.

The bell controller has accurate GPS time and your schedule will turn your bells on and off at the scheduled time. You also can set the period of time you want them to ring. Everything is quite easy.

This wireless system is also perfect for when an organization wants to install new bells. We solve the problem! If you have physical bells typically these rarely fail. It is the school master clock box that fails.

We also have a network based option that eliminates the need for the transmitter and pulls time from your computer network.

Network Bell Controller

Bell Controller

Our network based controller is connect to your computer network. As with the wireless option your physical bells are wired to the controller.

The unit comes with bell software. The software allows you to program a number of schedules and activate any schedule that is appropriate for that day.

This is a nice feature if you have different schedules on different days, or un expected 2 hour delay schedules or half day schedules.

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