WiFi Clocks


WiFi clocks are the simplest and the most cost effective methods to place a synchronized accurate, reliable clock system at your facility.

Wifi clocks are one of our most popular master clock system we offer. This system is an excellent choice to get your entire organization on a synchronized accurate reliable time.

The clocks maybe analog or digital LED, they will get their time from the Ethernet network. The time source via your network can be to a network time server on your network or out to one of the many time sites on the internet. The software that manages the clocks allows you to set time zones and automatic adjustments for daylight saving time.

As long as you have adequate signal strength from your WiFi you will be able to place a Wifi clock anywhere in your building. The clock’s receiver module will pick up the broadcast signal and maintain accurate reliable time.


LED Digital WiFi Clocks

We offer many different options from battery wall clocks to electric LED Digital Clocks. You determine which type and style would be most appropriate for the room you are placing them. You can mix and match the style to get your organization the power of synchronized timing.

In addition to accurate reliable time you will have excellent reporting capabilities to ensure a simple preventive maintenance program.

The reporting capability includes:

  • Battery Voltage – Proactively change batteries prior to failure.
  • Battery Options – A 2 year and a 5 year battery life option.
  • Connection Status – Identification of a clock that is offline.
  • Check-In status – Displays when a clock received its last time update to ensure synchronization
  • Wi-Fi signal strength – Determine the Wifi signal strength at the clock’s location.
  • Email Notification – It informs the facilities department via email of the any clock issues so pro-active steps can be exercised.


Quality Wifi Analog and Digital Clocks

  1. Quality: The quality of our clock movement is first class. This movement is not produced in a low quality factory. We design and built this clock in the United States.  We believe when you purchase our clocks you should receive a long lasting maintenance free system. This is exactly what you will receive from Admoveo Solutions.
  2. Eliminates the need for a master clock or a transmitter. By using our existing infrastructure it eliminates the need for  additional equipment.  Why have additional  equipment when you have everything in one place to provide you with a synchronized wireless clock system.
  3. Compatibility with existing standard base technology. The Wifi clock system operates on IEEE 802.11b/g/n networks.  This covers basically all networks.  If you have any questions or concerns our team can let you know so you don’t have any problems.
  4. Easy Installation: The hardest part of installing this system is placing the clock on the wall and determining if you need battery operated clocks or electric powered. Once again you already have everything in place to produce an accurate, reliable maintenance free wireless system.
  5. Supports existing Security Systems

Our full product line is geared to providing your organization with an excellent clock and communication system. We offer IP speakers, LED message Boards and weather resistant products for outdoors.

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