School Bell System

Bell Commander

A synchronized school bell system can be a physical bell system or the ability to play bell tones through a public address speaker system.

The school bell scheduling system needs to be reliable and accurate. Our maintenance free systems and options provide for a simple approach to solve your bell or buzzer alert problems.

The systems we offer are not only for schools but they can be applied to warehousing and manufacturing environments as well.

Bell and buzzers can add to the productivity of a number of different types of organization. With today’s technology there are a number of cost effective approaches to help an organization become even more successful.

Warehouse Alert Systems

Wireless Bell System

Bell or buzzer alerts systems can help warehouses operate more efficiently. Scheduling the start and end of breaks or shift change are a key element for safety and productivity.

GPS Bell or Buzzer Alert Notification System

Wifi Paging

Our GPS digital clock line provides you with the ability to connect your physical bell or buzzers to a GPS Digital Clock. This product line includes:

  • Web based scheduling of bells and buzzers
  • GPS Receiver Option to receive accurate GPS time
  • LAN Option to receive time from your Ethernet
  • Different sizes of Digital Clocks
  • Weatherproof Digital Time Display
  • Easy connection of physical sound devices

There are a number of additional advantages with this system besides the scheduling of bells to ring at a precise time. One primary GPS clock is capable of synchronizing time with other digital LED clocks.

This will create a synchronized bell and clock system throughout your facility.

School Bell Software

Broadcasting a variety of tones or music at a schedule time is easily accomplished with our Bell Scheduling Software.

We can work with your existing speaker system or our IP Speakers can be easily installed. Our speaker systems are either a Wifi speaker based system or an IP – PoE Speaker System.

The software for these devices is quite dynamic that can perform many functions in addition to playing scheduled bell sounds, giving you several options for your buzzer or bell alert system.

You also can deploy both indoor speakers for individual rooms or hallway speakers. Available on the same system is the ability to have network outdoor speakers or a horn.

Please gives us a call and we would like to solve your bell problems.

As a time and communication company we can get the proper system installed at your facility. ensuring that we save you time and money.

Network Outdoor Speaker