What to Expect From Wi-Fi Clocks for Your Organization


Wi-Fi Clocks are the latest evolution of accurate reliable synchronized clocks for companies and organizations. The first and strongest benefit is that you can use your existing network. If you have a Wi-Fi network you are 80 percent of the way to having an accurate and dependable clock system.

Why are the expectations of WiFi clocks so high? It could be because they are simple to use, easy to install, automatically adjust for daylight saving time, and has a 5 year battery life for analog clocks.

The availability of WiFi in every business allows you to have all your clocks display the same time all the time. These clocks combined with our web based software permits you to create an extremely accurate World Clock displaying different time zones or just having all your clocks displaying the exact same time.

Wifi clocks are simple to configure to your network. It is no more difficult then connecting to your network with a PC or Mac. They basically configure themselves once you provide the password to the network.

When an organization installs any type of synchronized master clock system the organization can benefit in many ways. They canelevate the productivity and efficiency of  your whole organization. These clocks are really exceptional.  Accurate Reliable Clocks displaying time on the wall is a significant part of superior time administration with high performing organizations.

Time is a vital element in any organization and having everyone operating from the same source is somewhat no different then marching bands performing a half time show. It is a thing of beauty.

There are various kinds of clock systems on the market to purchase but if you are looking for the highest quality clocks that are maintenance free then it’s important to include in your search clock system that operates on your existing network.

Characteristics of Superior Wifi Clocks

  • Easy Setup
  • Extended 5 year Battery Life on Analog Clocks
  • Analog and Digital Clocks
  • Reporting Capability
  • 3 Year Warranty

There are a number of different manufacturers in the marketplace and it is very prudent not only look at price but the features and advantages offered with these clocks. You do not want to be penny wise and dollar foolish.

Characteristics you should be looking for in a master clock system is sophisticated reporting whilst assessing the battery voltage, WiFi signal strength and the ability to access the clock status from any place.  It is these factors that allow you to keep overall cost of ownership down.

WiFi clocks are superior to the old transmitter frequency based wireless clocks. Transmitter based systems use a proprietary system and lock you into price increases when you need to add clocks in the future. This is not the case with Wi-Fi clocks because you can shop different WiFi clocks when you need to add clocks to your system.

You can expect a lot from LED Analog and Digital Wifi clocksand you won’t be disappointed. When organizations have accurate, reliable synchronized clocks all operational aspects improve.

Meetings start on time with every body arriving in the beginning of the meeting. You don’t have people showing up late because they were looking at a clock that was displaying a different time.  Employees operate with the exact same time all the time.

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