Ethernet Intercom Paging System


Ethernet Network Intercom and paging systems are ideal for a number of organizations.

These IP-PoE intercom systems are easy to maintain and simple to use, and come with free lifetime training for when there is a change in personnel.

IP – PoE devices are just considered end point devices on your Ethernet network. We offer devices that can get their electrical power via the Ethernet (Power over Ethernet) or from standard AC power.

Our selection of speaker options allow you to get the right speaker for your facility, whether it is school paging, school intercom or a public address system. We offer in ceiling speakers, individual speakers and hallway speakers. Additionally, we offer models that combine a speaker with a digital display board.

The digital display boards also display accurate time and you can schedule messages to be played at a scheduled time or instantly.

Live broadcast, scheduled events to play music tones or sounds are all included in the software. The software allows you to make a schedule of events to occur at a certain time. For example schools can use the system for class changes, manufacturers can schedule shift changes and breaks and businesses can schedule music at certain times.

This intercom system also lets you broadcast to one speaker, all speakers or any combination. You can create groups in the software enabling you to call a selected number of predetermined speakers, resulting in an easy to use, effective PA system.

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