Chomko LA Mass Notification Systems

Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, or administrator, campus safety is a critically important issue to be aware of today. It goes without saying that the recent rate of violent incidents in schools and other spaces dedicated to communal learning and gathering have increased. This has caused substantial alarm and heartbreak in communities across the United States and beyond, including most recently in our beloved Pittsburgh neighborhood of Squirrel Hill, in an attack we will be mourning for a long time to come. More than ever, it is essential that we must all do what we can to take action against this violence, both locally and globally. One of the ways to prevent and minimize damage is by having a plan in place in case of threats or, worse, emergency scenarios. On the ground level, one way for any campus or community space to prepare to serve their community in the case of an emergency is to have an effective and efficient mass notification system installed.

In the case of any emergency on campus, audio has been proven to be the #1 most effective communication medium. This is why the blaring of fire alarms is so essential and effective—they command attention and action. An integrated network speaker system with PA Intercoms is just as critical if not more so, because having this installed means guaranteeing the capability to convey specifics and directions in case of any situation. This can facilitate organized evacuations, prevent panic, and more. Network speakers are endpoint devices that enable you to quickly activate strobe lights, pre-recorded voice messages, and display text on sets of message boards. We provide these message boards for full accessibility, ensuring a way for those who are unable to hear to receive these important messages visually.

Having a functional mass notification system embedded creates security in any space because it facilitates communication across the grounds and buildings of a campus or any other community organization. In addition to allowing for two-way communication through our Intercom speakers, we also have a smartphone application available that gives you the ability to call an individual speaker or a group of speakers from your phone. Our speakers are PoE (Power over Ethernet) speakers connected to your network through a standard Ethernet cable, allowing for easy installation. We offer indoor and outdoor speakers for optimal reach across campus or community grounds.

In an ideal and peaceful world, we would only ever need to use mass notification systems to support our communal learning and gathering spaces in everyday operations—and indeed, they are still useful for these everyday features as well. Our speaker/paging systems allow for a way to communicate easily across campus by facilitating the sharing of daily announcements. In a school, this would allow a centralized message to be communicated from the principal’s office to the entire school at the press of a button. Intercom speakers are as useful for public address as they are for any two-way communication that needs to happen between classrooms and offices, or other spaces within a campus or community building. Our connected message boards provide you with the option to display messages for normal operational or event announcements, again enhancing accessibility. Our speaker systems come with scheduling capabilities, meaning bell tones can be chimed to announce the beginnings and ends of class periods. In addition, speakers can be used to set a scene, to play music in the school cafeteria, for instance, to create a relaxing lunchtime setting.

Our Wi-Fi Wireless Speaker System consists of an application software that resides on a laptop or desktop computer, plus a speaker controller, microphone, and speakers. You can place the speakers anywhere within your wireless network to make live voice broadcasts, play pre-recorded messages, and transmit a variety of tones and music.

While on darker days, this technology takes on a doubly important function as an essential emergency notification system, these mass notification systems are just as essential for the everyday functions of any school or community space. Our technology can be customized to serve any community space or campus’s needs, to facilitate the timely communication of information. Here at Chomko LA, we care about the wellbeing of your organization and serving the community at large. This is why we make sure to offer high-quality, reliable, and easy-to-use PA and Intercom systems for everyday and emergency use.