Top 5 Reasons to Buy Outdoor Clocks

Tick Tock, look at the clock! Some people think modern day smart phones have replaced clocks. But that’s not true. It’s a pleasure to have a ticking clock hanging on a building wall or a post.

Nobody walks past a clock without looking at it. Therefore, with a glance of an eye you stay on time and hopefully become more productive. Clocks can be used in colleges, on streets, railway stations, airports and many other public places. They are visible to a number of people at a particular time. Furthermore, if you’re looking forward to the best street clocks for sale, then you need to do enough research for choosing the best one.

Here in this guide, we will be discussing some of the reasons to buy clocks:

1.Time is Gold
Clocks have been there for centuries for guiding us with time. People have used giant clocks to keep things going. Golf course clocks are used to keep a golf operation moving. Time is the key to an effective operation or the ability of keeping an individual’s schedule.

2.Building Clocks are Beautiful
Being huge in size and design, these giant clocks are easy to read. The dial faces can be of various styles; Roman, Arabic or Contemporary. On a building or a pillar or post they create a piece of art.

3.Visibility of Four Sided Clocks
Round and square four sided street create a presence from 360 degrees. These extraordinary time piece are perfect for courtyards or busy city intersections. They project a special and powerful status for a city, town or college campus.

The advances in manufacturing technology have made these outdoor clocks affordable and virtually maintenance free. There is certainly one to fit your budget.

5.Accurate and Reliable
Clocks are highly reliable and have a long life. They will automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time and can operate on GPS time, thereby, providing pin point time accuracy.

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Top 4 Reasons To Install Master Clock Systems In Schools

It goes without saying, that a master clock system is vital for keeping everyone in school on-time and focused on learning. Master clock, as the name suggests, refers to the main clock that enables the entire network of clocks to tell the same time. Furthermore, installing these master clock systems in schools will help in ensuring that students are where they are supposed to be and the teachers are covering the right subject matter for the right amount of time. Besides, you can find a plethora of companies offering LED digital and analog master clock systems.

Furthermore, without a master clock system in place, making sure every clock on a school campus is synchronized and correct would be a very time-consuming process. Read on to find out four reasons to install master clock systems in schools.

1. Controlled lunch schedules– One of the major benefits of installing master clock systems in school is controlled lunch schedules. Besides, these days, it is common for schools to have staggered lunch times. Moreover, when you have class periods overlapping each other, it can easily create a great deal of confusion in the lunchroom. A master clock system allows for students to accurately know which bells are used for each shift, keeping everyone on time.

2. Accurate class schedules– Without a doubt, a crucial benefit of installing a master clock systems in school is accurate class schedules. Besides, synchronized beginning as well as ending class times are vital to maintaining a successful flow of a school day.

3. Reduce cost– When it comes to installing a master clock system in school, it will reduce maintenance staff requirements and associated cost, which benefits any school running on a tight budget.

4. Correct dismissal– Another major benefit of installing master clock systems in school is they help in ensuring that all students are dismissed at the same time at the end of the school day.

While these were some of the reasons to install master clock systems in the schools, there are many others, such as assists students and teachers among many others. Besides, you can find numerous companies selling LED digital and analog master clock systems. Are you looking to buy a master clock system? Well, then make sure you visit Admoveo Solutions. They are a manufacturer, value added reseller and certified partner for some of the most effective technology driven products in synchronized time and communication and offer the most effective master clock systems. You can visit their website at

Are Wi-Fi Clocks a suitable replacement for Wireless Clock Systems?


There are various varieties of clock systems offered on the market and each one of these systems has a different approach to timing. Wifi clocks are wireless but are different from transmitter based wireless clocks.

The advantages that accurate and dependable clocks give an organization cannot be underestimated. The clocks that employees, students, and management rely on make everything run efficiently should all display the same time. When this occurs meetings run on time, class changes occur smoothly and manufacturing operations perform at a better pace.

Wi-Fi clocks are the evolution of clock systems that started 60 plus years ago with the invention of wired clock systems. The history of clock systems began with companies like Simplex, IBM and Cincinnati. These were all hard wired systems and they enabled organization to have reliable time to effectively operate schools, colleges and businesses.

The transition from wired systems occurred around1999 when transmitter based wireless clock system became a viable alternative to wired systems. Wireless systems eliminated the need to have a wire tethered to a clock.

Wifi clocks are the next step forward for accurate clocks with all clocks showing the exact same second and automatically adjusting for daylight saving time. These analogue and LED Digital wireless clocks do not require you to install transmitters and repeaters to operate. If you have a Wifi network you can use it to have all the clocks displaying the same time all the time.

Our advanced technology allows for complete coverage of a university campus. You will see a variety of attributes and advantages offered with network clocks. An interesting characteristic of these systems is the reporting capability. The reporting is web based and allows you to access everything you ever wanted to know about your clock system.

If you deploy battery operated analogue displays the reporting capability enable to see the battery voltage to know when to change batteries. If a clock is offline or broken you will be able to note that. You can also see the Wifi signal strength for each time display

All these attributes combine to provide a superior maintenance free clock system.

Wired systems certainly have a place in the marketplace today. Wired systems eliminate any power concerns and produce accurate and reliable time. Transmitter based wireless clock systems are only relevant to organizations that do not have Wifi available.

If you need to have scheduled events such as a bell alert system or buzzer to ring this can occur with both a Wifi system and a wired system but this requirement needs to be planned prior to implementation your new clock system

The best practice when putting in a wireless system is to go with Wifi Clocks. The analog versions are available in a 5 year battery life so once you place it on the wall you will not touch it for 5 years. The Wifi Digital Clocks only need standard electric power and they will operate flawlessly day in and day out.

What to Expect From Wi-Fi Clocks for Your Organization


Wi-Fi Clocks are the latest evolution of accurate reliable synchronized clocks for companies and organizations. The first and strongest benefit is that you can use your existing network. If you have a Wi-Fi network you are 80 percent of the way to having an accurate and dependable clock system.

Why are the expectations of WiFi clocks so high? It could be because they are simple to use, easy to install, automatically adjust for daylight saving time, and has a 5 year battery life for analog clocks.

The availability of WiFi in every business allows you to have all your clocks display the same time all the time. These clocks combined with our web based software permits you to create an extremely accurate World Clock displaying different time zones or just having all your clocks displaying the exact same time.

Wifi clocks are simple to configure to your network. It is no more difficult then connecting to your network with a PC or Mac. They basically configure themselves once you provide the password to the network.

When an organization installs any type of synchronized master clock system the organization can benefit in many ways. They canelevate the productivity and efficiency of  your whole organization. These clocks are really exceptional.  Accurate Reliable Clocks displaying time on the wall is a significant part of superior time administration with high performing organizations.

Time is a vital element in any organization and having everyone operating from the same source is somewhat no different then marching bands performing a half time show. It is a thing of beauty.

There are various kinds of clock systems on the market to purchase but if you are looking for the highest quality clocks that are maintenance free then it’s important to include in your search clock system that operates on your existing network.

Characteristics of Superior Wifi Clocks

  • Easy Setup
  • Extended 5 year Battery Life on Analog Clocks
  • Analog and Digital Clocks
  • Reporting Capability
  • 3 Year Warranty

There are a number of different manufacturers in the marketplace and it is very prudent not only look at price but the features and advantages offered with these clocks. You do not want to be penny wise and dollar foolish.

Characteristics you should be looking for in a master clock system is sophisticated reporting whilst assessing the battery voltage, WiFi signal strength and the ability to access the clock status from any place.  It is these factors that allow you to keep overall cost of ownership down.

WiFi clocks are superior to the old transmitter frequency based wireless clocks. Transmitter based systems use a proprietary system and lock you into price increases when you need to add clocks in the future. This is not the case with Wi-Fi clocks because you can shop different WiFi clocks when you need to add clocks to your system.

You can expect a lot from LED Analog and Digital Wifi clocksand you won’t be disappointed. When organizations have accurate, reliable synchronized clocks all operational aspects improve.

Meetings start on time with every body arriving in the beginning of the meeting. You don’t have people showing up late because they were looking at a clock that was displaying a different time.  Employees operate with the exact same time all the time.