Solar Street Clocks

Unleash the Beauty of Your Sidewalks, Parks & Courtyards!

Timeless, Elegant Solar Clocks using advanced Solar Technology & GPS Accurate Time blended into a nostalgic old world time piece that enhances the beauty of your sidewalks, park & courtyards.

These clocks will be focal points and gathering places on your sidewalks and town squares.

We combine a beautiful visual display of outdoor time with the ability to customize the clock to suit your location, thereby delivering an exquisite clock to your project.

Product Description

These solar clocks can be found throughout the United States, from California to Connecticut, from Michigan to Alabama, working in different areas of the country flawlessly.  The clocks are affordably made for each city, town, golf course, campus, etc. and over time become a landmark for your organization.

100% Green – No Carbon Footprint

The beauty of a solar street clock is that is 100% green, there is no carbon footprint.  As we all know, the importance of having green products in cities and towns has never been higher than it is today.

We take advanced technology and apply them to customize a clock that will enhance your sidewalk, parks and courtyards.  The solar technology that we apply is the most advanced on the market today, allowing the clocks to be placed virtually anywhere in the world.  The movement requires very little power consumption, using only milliamps.  The accuracy of the clock is impeccable, it receives an update from GPS satellites once a day, therefore ensuring accuracy day in and day out 365 days. 

The advanced solar technology and engineering has enabled us to produce a clock movement that can virtually be placed anywhere.  Minimal sunlight is needed for the clock movement to operate.  The clock housing and clock structure is machined in Pittsburgh, PA and is made of powder coated cast aluminum.  Each nameplate is custom hand painted to each customers specifications. 

We are fortunate to have customers who are raving fans of our clocks, please Click Here (link to customers page) to see some testimonials from our customers.

Simple Installation: The cost and hassle of digging up the sidewalk, installing electrical lines/infrastructure and a recurring monthly electric bill are eliminated with solar clocks.

Maintenance Free Functionality – Another advantage of solar power is the clocks are essentially self-maintained. 

Ongoing maintenance is all but eliminated because our clock movement is not electro-mechanical.  We built for you a solid state electronic clock movement that requires only a minimal amount of sunlight to function.

By eliminating the electrical mechanical clock movement we minimize the number of moveable parts thereby reducing the need for quarterly cleaning and maintenance typically associated with older type technology.

The clock displays GPS accurate time that is updated daily. The clock will automatically adjust for daylight saving time in the Spring and Fall.

No need to go through this to have a beautiful outdoor clock in your town:

Custom Clocks

Our latest design is the glass frame clock.  This idea was brought to us from one of our customers looking for a clock with a more contemporary look as opposed to classic nostalgic look of today’s post clocks.  The clock pictured below is 9ft high with a stainless steel clock head mounted on top.  The outer rim of the clock head is customizable and can be any one of our 14 powder coated finishes. Click here to see our powder coated designs. (link to Designs and Accessories page)

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