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Pace of Play Problem – Solution

We are a clock manufacturer. In addition to building outdoor solar clocks for a variety of customers we also provide organizations with indoor synchronized clock systems. We have built this clock specially for the golf industry as a affordable and reliable option. Our customers were tired of using cheap indoor clocks on a board for an outdoor application. Pace of Play is to important. Therefore, we decided to build a durable, long lasting, accurate and tasteful pace of play clock.

Product Description

Golf Pace of Play Clocks

  • With a Glance of the Eye – Players Keep their Pace Throughout 18 Holes
  • Excellent Customer Service Approach
  • Increase Play by Being a Course Where Pace of Play is Pro-Actively Managed

The Golf Pace of Play Clocks are strategically placed at key holes and are a friendly positive way to keep play moving. The clocks set the course’s pace thereby improving everyone’s enjoyment of the game.

How the Golf Pace of Play Clocks Program Works

The golfer only has to know is his tee/starting time and the pace is set. The Golf Pace of Play Clocks will show his tee time throughout the round. Course management decides where it is best to place the clocks on the course, and offsets the individual clocks to display the course’s pace of play. For example, management wants a “pace” that would have groups arrive at the 4th tee 45 minutes after they tee off. The 4th tee clock is offset by 45 minutes. Therefore, if a foursome teeing off at 8:00 AM is maintaining their pace of play, they will arrive at the 4th tee in 45 minutes and the clock will show 8:00 am (Their tee time).

Throughout the round the placement of the clocks will allow the players to speed up when necessary in order to maintain the course’s recommended pace of play because all the clocks are offset to the course’s pace of play.

The Power and Value of the Golf Pace of Play Clocks is when a foursome starts to fall behind. When they see the pace clock and it displays a time later than their tee time they know they need to move a bit faster.

Customer Service & Friendly Golf is what this solution provides. Instead of putting one member of a foursome in the difficult position telling another member to speed it up or a course ranger telling the group to speed it up, the Golf Pace of Play Clocks becomes the reference. It is the game clock, it’s what maintains the pace just like the game clock in basketball, football, soccer, hockey, etc…

Our Recommendation is 4 clocks on the course to maintain the desired pace (for example at tee box 4, 7, 12 and 15). You can determine the best placement and time offset for your course based on your desired pace of play.

  • Waterproof Clock Movement
  • Long Lasting Vinyl Dial Face
  • UV Protected White Heavy Gauge Aluminum Backing
  • Easy Offset Control to Adjust the Clock to Your Pace of Play
  • Large Clear White Dial Face
  • Turnkey Installation